5 Things To Look For In Your Benefit Plan Audit Specialist

Hire a Benefit Plan Audit Specialist

A specialist will make the benefit plan audit process easier for you

Hiring a specialist ensures a feeling of confidence, trust, and peace of mind.

Many CPA firms will list benefit plan audits under a long list of services they offer. The truth is, a benefit plan audit isn’t your typical audit. There are nuanced requirements and strict standards that must be followed.


Did you know that:
  • Most firms will hand off your important benefit plan audit to less experienced CPAs.
  • The Department of Labor found serious problems with nearly 40% of employee benefit plan audits not performed by a benefit plan audit specialist.
  • An incomplete, inadequate, or untimely audit report may result in penalties being assessed against you, as the plan’s administrator
Think about it:

Would you feel comfortable with an audit of your benefit plan that was done by an inexperienced CPA, knowing the above?

Make the right choice:

By choosing the right Benefit Plan Audit Specialist you can rest assured that your plan’s best interests are being kept in mind including whether:

  • Plan assets covered by the audit have been fairly valued
  • Plan obligations are properly stated and described
  • Benefit payments were made in accordance with plan terms
  • Issues were identified that may impact the plan’s tax status

Download this whitepaper today to learn why finding the best possible benefit plan audit specialist, the first time, will make a difference not only to your company, but more importantly, your employees (retirement, health, and other promised benefits).

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