Are you a CPA firm with only a few Employee Benefit Plan audits?

Is the DOL inspecting your work or would you be concerned if they did?

Do you have a pretty good grasp on the financial statement audit but just need someone to answer questions you have related to compliance, DOL and IRS issues?

We can help!


We don’t compete with your field of expertise. All we do are benefit plan audit services.

We are not a full service firm and we have no interest in performing corporate financial audits, tax returns, or consulting services for your clients. We focus on benefit plan audits each and every day. We participate as members on the PICPA Employee Benefits Plan Committee and our Quality Control Director has helped the AICPA write the Audit and Accounting Guide for Employee Benefit Plans.

It’s getting rough out there.

The Department of Labor is focusing on audit quality and, in particular, on firms which perform five Employee Benefit Plan Audits or less. The DOL has found serious concerns with audit quality in its most recent study completed in 2014 as well as previous inspections. As a result, the DOL and the AICPA peer review program continue to step up their focus on Employee Benefit Plan Audits.

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Make Torrillo & Associates your CPA firm’s employee benefit audit specialist

Want to avoid risk?

Many CPA firms performing 5 or less EBP audits may do so because they are concerned another CPA firm may get in the door at their clients. If EBP audits are a service you perform because you feel you must to protect your client relationship, we can help. Consider benefit plan audit outsourcing and let us perform the employee benefit plan audit for your client so you can focus on what you do best. We do not want any other services and we’ll do a great job for your client – helping them stay compliant, providing great specialized service, and all at an affordable fee. You will alleviate any risk associated with a DOL inspection or peer review resulting from EBP audits.

Need just a little help?

If you enjoy performing employee benefit plan audits, but are currently going through a DOL inspection; a peer review of an EBP audit which you have some concerns; need an engagement quality control review; or have any other technical accounting, regulatory or compliance issue with an EBP audit matter, please let us know if we can be of assistance.

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We have helped numerous firms through DOL inspections and other audit quality matters