About Torrillo & Associates, the employee benefit plan audit specialist.

The CPA firm specializing in benefit plan audit services serving PA, NJ and DE.

Ensure benefit plan audit compliance and a timely turnaround for employee benefit plan audits.

The complexities, rules and regulations surrounding benefit plan audits require a specialist to ensure both your employees and your company are protected.

Mistakes stemming from noncompliance can mean significant penalties, fines and/or taxes for your company. As CPA specialists in the field, we can help you feel confident that your benefit plan audit requirements are met.

We don’t just talk, we help answer your questions and address any concerns you may have and lead you through your benefit plan audit. Timely and responsive service by the auditor is what makes for a great experience for our clients. When you contact us, an audit specialist will respond right away.

Focus on your business; we'll focus on your benefit plan audit

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Leverage the specialized expertise of a firm that exclusively handles the complexities of employee benefit plan audit requirements.

While larger firms have benefit audit plans as part of their services, this is what we do. Because of the attention we give to benefit plans alone, we’re able to focus on compliance and provide efficient and effective advice for potential problems.

Our team is experienced in finding and proposing solutions for any red flags or errors we find in your employee benefit plan audit, 401K plan audit, 403b plan audit or pension plan audit. This means:

  • Quicker turn around times
  • Cost savings for your benefit plan audit
  • Increased assurance for you and those charged with governance of the plan
  • More protection for plan participants
Work with the CPA firm who leads in benefit plan audit services.

AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audits Torrillo & Associates pairs you with experienced auditors who have specialized knowledge of your plan’s challenges. Your benefit plan audit will be managed by professionals with 10 to 25 years of experience who will skillfully work through the employee benefit plan audit. Since employee benefit plan audits are all we do, there is no more important job to us than delivering a high quality, effective and efficient audit for you and your participants.

Big firm expertise, small firm attention to detail
With managers and directors who’ve worked at “The Big Four” accounting firms, our team knows what big firm quality and expertise looks like, and we deliver it daily with small firm attention to detail and customer service. We are also a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a voluntary membership organization for firms with a commitment to employee benefit plan audit quality.

Leadership that stays current
Our leadership is committed to staying current with the latest standards and regulations in the industry.

  • Founder David Torrillo serves on the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Expert Panel and the PICPA Employee Benefit Committee.
  • Director of Quality Control, Julie Verrekia, serves on the PICPA Employee Benefit Plan Committee and has assisted the AICPA in writing various publications and courses specific to accounting and reporting for employee benefit plans.

Meet our leadership teamQuality Tested and Sought Out

Zero deficiencies in most recent Department of Labor Inspection

The Department of Labor inspects employee benefit plan auditors under the Employee Benefit Security Administration’s Audit Inspection Program. Torrillo & Associates has been inspected by the Department of Labor under this program and our audit work was found to be acceptable and without deficiencies. This contrasts sharply with the 75% deficiency rate for firms that audit one or two plans annually, and the above 30% deficiency rate found by the DOL while reviewing over 3,000 audits from all firms.

We are sought out by other CPA firms because of our specialization in employee benefit plan audits. They look for us to help them through DOL inspections, peer reviews or other audit quality matters, including performance or engagement quality control reviews.